Breathing Meditation


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when someone tells you to ‘just breathe’. Where do you even start you might ask.

We are here to support you on your journey so we have created a track that you can download and learn a simple yet powerful breathing technique to help you calm your mind and reconnect with your inner peace and calm.

This is one of Mirosuna’s favourite techniques that we use throughout our classes and courses.

It’s on the house! We hope you enjoy it!


To ensure that you have a good experience, here are a few thing to note:

  • Play this track with headphones

  • Listen to this in a quiet place

  • Ask others not to disturb you

  • You may lay down or stay seated for this, we recommend laying down as you will be able to feel your breath move more freely

  • Once you learn this technique, you can do it even if it’s just for a few seconds, during the day as soon as you feel stressed or discomfort. This will help to alleviate some tension immediately.

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