Stone Face OMMM

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Finally, a unique experience for the face
as a gateway to deep relaxation and muscle toning

Our Face Massage Experiences include:

Our Stone Face OMMM is a massage like no other. Created in-house, we use massage techniques with our hands and facial stones to target your acupressure points and lymphatic system to lure your mind and body into a state of trance.

Our Natural Face Lift massage uses specific techniques for face lifting and muscle toning. Incorporating optional face stones, this massage helps to plump your skin and tighten your face muscles. It works to soften fine lines and wrinkles and encourages better circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Our face massages are suitable for anyone wanting to deeply relax while encouraging collagen production and naturally enhance skin tone for a beautiful glow.

Stones have been used in ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine traditions for many centuries as a powerful form of natural healing.

60 minutes – $150 | 90 minutes – $185 | 120 minutes – $235

All systems in our complex bodies work tirelessly for us to not just survive but also endure our ongoing demands of worry, indulgence, stress, overwork.

Often our face is forgotten about during a massage.

That’s why we have decided to create an indulgent experience purely focused on your face. You will equally enter a deep state of relaxation with this massage as you would for a full body massage.

Enjoy a deep skin treatment with our use of organic Camellia Oil and Miod’s natural organic skin care.

Choose from our in-house blends of essential oils to add an aromatherapy dimension to your treatment.

Benefits of our Face Massages include:

  • Total relaxation and decompression
  • Experience a trance like state of being
  • Natural face lifting and muscle toning
  • Long-lasting stress relief
  • Improved lymph and blood circulation
  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Experiencing a sense of health and wellbeing
  • Deep skin treatment with our use of organic Camellia Oil and Miod’s natural organic skin care
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