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Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a soulful, skilled and confident meditation teacher?

So many courses teach great theory paired with little teaching of the practical skills of a Meditation Teacher. Mirosuna’s 170 hour advanced Meditation Teacher Training course, hosted in Melbourne has a strong focus on creating an embodied experience of meditation and teach you the skills it really takes to become a successful and accredited teacher.

Our program is thoughtfully designed to equip you with the practical tools and deep understanding needed to guide others on their meditation path. More importantly, there is a big emphasis on helping you find your unique calling and style as a teacher.

Join our welcoming community of like-minded individuals who are eager to share their light with the world and be mentored by our Founder and Meditation Practitioner Sally Kellett.

From learning various meditation techniques to developing effective teaching methods and becoming a teacher, we will support you every step of the way. This is a rare opportunity to receive exclusive mentoring by Sally where she will share her greatest wisdom in helping you discover your potential.

If you are looking for a wholesome Meditation Teacher Training course in Melbourne that focuses on quality, keep reading.



The Mirosuna Difference

Formal certification

Choose your path

Upon graduating, you have the choice to get a provisional or full membership with the regulatory body Meditation Australia. Choose your path based on what is best for you.


Mentoring by Sally Kellett

A rare mentoring opportunity under Sally Kellett to learn the ways of becoming a great meditation teacher that has the skills and desirable attributes to become employable or work for themselves.

exclusive teaching opportunities

Teach to real people

This course is has one of the biggest focuses on practical skills development. We get you teaching from the start so that you don't graduate wondering how you can transform theory into real life teaching.

Blueprint for becoming a top meditation teacher

Discover your potential

People might teach you the theory on what meditation is but not every course will teach you what is truly needed to becoming a good teacher nor how to get there. Let us show you the blueprint for you to become an A grade teacher.

Critical Skills Development

Personalised feedback

Too many graduates are not given the opportunity to develop the real skills they need to become a good teacher. Mirosuna's training is heavily focused on feedback, correction and detailed skills development.


Friendships are everything

Travel this path with your peers who have also dedicated their path to healing others. We grow and expand, supporting each other through this soulful journey we are embarking on together.

About Mirosuna’s MTT

The Mirosuna Way

Intuitive Teaching


Whilst it's easy to teach you how to write scripts, The Mirosuna Way teaches you how to channel your meditations from a place of skill and intuition. This calls for a way more powerful experience for your clients.

A grounded Approach

Grounded Teachings

We believe that when we teach in a grounded way, our teachings become more accessible and welcoming to people, transforming our teachings into meditations that resonate.



We teach from a secular, non-religious place that you can adapt to your personal practice and teaching style, creating the perfect foundations for you being a future teacher.

2024 Course Dates & Milestones

A beautiful 170 hours together. We can't wait to see you!

Apply for our MTT and get a consultation call to see if we are the right fit.

Upon application approval

If you are accepted into the course, your journey will begin here and we will get you onboarded.


Before our first in-person training weekend, you will have assignments and readings to do. Please allocate 5-10 hours here approximately.

June 1, 2024


Pre-work in online training portal must be all completed by this time and submitted.

June 1, 2024

June 15 - 16, 2024


Join us in-studio in South Melbourne to dive into our first weekend of MTT together. We cannot wait to see our group face-to-face!

June 15 - 16, 2024

Course Work

This is time for you to continue working on your course work and to prepare yourself for the upcoming retreat.

June 29 - July 6, 2024

8 Day Intensive Retreat

We get to spend a magical, big and wholesome 8 days together on a luxury escape to Atlas Retreat in Shoreham, Victoria in the Mornington Peninsula. This will be a transformative experience where you will level up your skills day after day.

June 29 - July 6, 2024

Course Work

It’s time to practice everything you learnt, do all your practical’s and course work to prepare you for the upcoming assessment day.

August 17, 2024

In-person Training

This weekend, we explore your signature style and put together everything you have learnt as we prepare you to become a successful meditation teacher.

August 17, 2024

August 18, 2024

Assessment Day

Pass your final assessment and demonstrate your amazing new capabilities of being a meditation teacher with the support of your peers and mentor.

August 18, 2024



For those who can’t make August 18th or do not receive a PASS score on the 18th, there will be a new date in September for you.




When you have passed your assessment, you will receive your course completion certificate and can apply for your Provisional or Full Membership with Meditation Australia depending on your eligibility.



Choose your path

You can either graduate the course and apply for a Provisional or Full Membership with the regulatory body Meditation Australia. To get your Full Membership, you need 30 hours of mentored teaching hours. If you can complete this within the course, you will be eligible for your Full Membership upon graduation. If you choose to complete the hours outside of the course, you can apply for the Provisional Membership upon graduation then apply for the Full Membership once you have completed the rest of your hours under your own mentors outside of our course.


Provisional membership is available to those who have had a personal practice of meditation for a minimum of two years and have completed 80 hours of meditation teacher training in the areas of competency described in the curriculum guidelines.

After two years, Provisional members will become Full members if they have engaged in at least 30 hours of regular teaching (preferably under supervision or a mentoring arrangement).


Full membership is available to those who have had a personal practice of meditation for a minimum of two years and have completed 110 hours of meditation teacher training in the areas of competency described in the table on the criteria page, and includes a minimum of 30 supervised teaching hours.

Mirosuna’s Meditation Teacher Training allows you to do all these 30 hours of mentorship within it shall you be able to complete it before the course close date.

ATlas Retreat

Get prepared to embark on a luxurious 8 day retreat at the beautiful Atlas Retreat accommodation in Shoreham near the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria. All the rooms will be twin share and you will be able to select your room buddy when we meet for our first in-person session in June.

Catering will be done by our Mirosuna resident Chef Daryl Khor, representing Loving Hut with their beautiful South-East Asian vegan cuisine.

The Mirosuna Curriculum

Not only do we look into the history, science and effect of meditation, we will learn the important differences between mindfulness and meditation and how to derive the greatest impact from it in today’s modern era.

The power of meditation is when you can understand all the complexities behind it yet present it in its simplest and most impactful form that resonates with everyone who practices this art. Learn what makes a good meditation and get the skills to be able to deliver it.

Someone who meditates is not always the same person that can teach meditation well. There are lots of unspoken intricacies of being a good teacher that our course brings to light. This is a course where we openly share what is ‘ungooglable’ and teach you the skills that no one else is talking about in the industry.

As an employer for meditation teachers, we often find that practitioners know how to meditate but they cannot always lead a class in an in-person or online setting. Conducting a class or 1:1 sessions are a skill on their own that needs to be developed.

In an environment where your clients are so raw and vulnerable, emotions and triggers are at their peak for some. Our training will teach you how to create your sessions and prepare you to teach your own classes well.

As an employer, we want to find teachers that have a uniqueness about them. Ones that can add their personal style to any meditation. But this takes time, skill and experience. This course will help you discover your niche and teaching style instead of having you graduate with only feeling comfortable in delivering a standard meditation.

The Mirosuna Way uses no teaching scripts. This may be daunting to hear but we believe this will make your meditations more powerful than ever. Learn this rare skill and be a teacher that can think on your feet and tailor your meditations to the energy of those who show up to your class.

Learn how you can get paid for your passion. As you gain your confidence and graduate with the skills to become a meditation teacher, you may naturally look for places to teach. But as a new comer in a competitive industry, how do you break through?

As someone who has walked your path before and is a current employer of teachers, Sally Kellett will take you through crucial entrepreneurial skills you’ll need to differentiate yourself in the industry and create a brand for yourself. 

Teaching meditation is a great responsibility. It is not obvious at the start and unfortunately it is something some untrained practitioners have to find out when real life challenges arise with clients.

Meditation teachers may intentionally or accidentally take people into very deep, raw and vulnerable places and therefore it is crucial to understand what these risks may be before embarking on this journey. 

Practicing safety and ethical conduct in dealing with people and people with trauma is extremely important and we will teach you how to navigate and deal with these situations.



Due before June 10th

Upon joining the course, there will be pre-work for you to do so that you can come prepared for the first in-person training.

In-Studio Training

See you in person!

There are 2 in-studio blocks throughout the course. Both will happen on the weekend. One block will be before the retreat and one will be after.


Atlast Retreat, Shoreham

We spend 8 days together at the beautiful Atlas Retreat in Shoreham. All rooms are twin shared rooms. This will be a big and transformational retreat which will challenge you and start shaping the practitioner you are yet to be.
Atlas Retreat

Teaching Hours

Teach to students

Develop solid teacher skills by immersing yourself in teaching real people. Receive mentorship under Sally Kellett and get personalised feedback and recommendations to fast track your development.

Assignments and Coursework


It's important that we don't just learn theory and we actually put in the time to further our own practice. The homework of the course is designed to be the building blocks for you to become a great teacher.

Final Assessment


Quality assurance is a top priority. We want to ensure this course produces good students that have great skills and are desirable to employers. The course will prepare you for your final assessment. Pass this, receive a grading and you will receive your graduation certificate.

Our Founder, Your Teacher

Sally Kellett

“I’ve realised, for me, happiness is about being able to help others on their journey, as I continue on mine.”

Sally Kellett is a senior professional meditation teacher, certified sound meditation practitioner and founder of Mirosuna – a wellbeing hub and mindfulness studio created for busy professionals to truly recharge.

She first began her spiritual journey formally at the age of 15 and had her first teacher then. Learning energy work and meditation, quickly helped her realise that there is so much more to life than what meets the eye. In fact we are all bonded to one another and the world around us and therefore share a responsibility and mission to nurture, protect and preserve it.

As Sally continued her training throughout her teens and adulthood in Australia and internationally, she felt her inner calling to spread her light to help others. She realised she couldn’t do this alone. She opened Mirosuna at the age of 31 in order to unite lightworkers to answer their calling in order to spread positive impact throughout the world.

Sally now teaches others how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives and how to teach it to those in their community. Welcome to The Mirosuna Way of living.



Flexible payment options


1 direct payment via bank transfer paid in advanced to starting course.


Early Bird $4599 (save $400) ends April 15th


Flexible installment plans available. 

2% credit card surcharge applies and final installment occurs prior to June 15th.

Get in touch to discuss your options.

Important Details

This is an advanced meditation teacher training course and requires you to be at a certain level of practice in your own life for you to excel in the training. To be accepted for the course, you already have a steady meditation practice and are atleast at an intermediate level of practice where you can guide yourself into stilling your mind and calm your distractions. You have ideally explored different types of meditations already and regularly meditate in more than just one way or in one style.

As a part of this course, you are required to get your Mental Health First Aid from a third party provider of your choice. You have until the course close date to have completed this and submit your certificate of attainment.

This course goes for 12 hours and is counted as part of the 170 hours of Mirosuna’s Meditation Teacher Training course.

Learn more and book via Mental Health First Aid Australia here.

The course is a total of 170 hours. In order to pass the course, you will need to complete all of these hours by your final assessment date. Within these 170 hours, some are student contact hours done face to face and the others are done in your own time. For the face to face training, there must be a 100% attendance rate in order to pass the course. Every module in this course is vital to you becoming a good meditation teacher thus it is important that you can commit to 100% of the contact hours/dates in this course in order to get accredited.

In the process of becoming a Meditation teacher, a beautiful path of self discovery may unfold with it. Whenever we look into ourselves, challenging things may arise so please be kind and compassionate towards yourself and others. We are here to support each other on this journey. Together, we create a safe space for each other to learn, evolve and discover your potential.

We understand that not everything works out all the time. If something happens and you need to drop out of the course, you may do so at any time without receiving your accreditation.

However please understand that there will be no refunds  because once you enrol in the course, you will already have access to the coursework and you will immediately begin to work through the course.

We will try our best to work with you if your circumstances change to see if we can provide extensions or alternative options but please know that we cannot guarantee anything.

In the event that we postpone or do not decide to proceed, you will be contacted immediately and be given a full refund. Of course we do not ever wish for this to happen, but sometimes life happens and there may be things beyond our control that could lead to this.

Mirosuna’s mission is to help create more lightworkers in this world. By doing so, we share our teachings generously to our community. You must not in any way copy, reproduce, replicate or imitate anything related to Mirosuna or its course without our prior written consent.

Your biggest and best moments are yet to come, I believe in you.

There is nothing that I want more than to see you become the best meditation teacher that you can be. To see you live a life of purpose, meaning and passion and to be able to share your light with the world.

I know starting out can be a daunting journey. It’s hard to know who you can call on, who can teach you the ropes and how to even get good at something. I know there are so many courses out there that it is really hard to even know which one is for you.

But if you have made it this far down this page, there is a fire burning within you that is hungry for more. You are searching for a genuine experience that can change your life and help you discover your inner calling. 

So join me and others on our mission to spreading more light in this world. Discover your greatest potential and push yourself past your comfort zone. Come on this enlightening and rewarding journey and become the best teacher you can be.

I believe in you.



Sally Kellett

Your loving mentor, cheerleader and friend.

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