Meditation Fundamentals

Find your Zen with this on-demand 3 month course



Meditation comes in all shapes and sizes, from simple to more advanced, with a spectrum of benefits nourishing your mind, body and soul. However with so many choices, you might not know where to begin your mindfulness journey.

That’s where we come in. The Mirosuna on-demand Meditation Fundamentals program is a 3-month masterclass enabling you to take control of how you find tranquility and manage life’s stressors. Created just for you, learn how to make meditation part of your daily routine and learn the fundamentals to start your own practice with confidence and clarity.

Life is busy and finding ‘you-time’ can be a challenge, that’s why we’ve designed the program to be self-paced with the support of Mirosuna founder, Sally Kellett, and her team of practitioners. This will allow you to move at your own pace and absorb content when you’re ready, from wherever you are – this is powerful stuff!

Our core values

your learning experience

Highly Educational Content

We thoughtfully designed our curriculum to deliver teachings that work. We want to teach you how to fish and have a long sustainable practice.

Community is Everything

Though meditation is an exploration of your internal landscape, you’re not alone in this process. You’ll be part of a community of people, who are looking to connect and support you back.

Access to Our Practitioners

Sally and the Mirosuna team are here to answer your questions and offer advice, especially when you get stuck.

is this for you?

If you would love to kick start your meditation practice and want to do it in a supported environment yet go at your own space and time, this course was made for you!


• What is meditation really
• Exploration of meditation approaches, types and categories
• Meditation tools to boost your practice
• The steps to kick start your meditation practice
• How to create a sacred space for your meditation practice
• How to find time to meditate
• The power of breathwork in meditation
• Sensations, feelings and discomfort arising in meditation
• The secret to dealing with busy thoughts
• And so much more!


Mirosuna team

Are you ready to

Start today

We know starting is always the hardest part. There is so much information everywhere yet people tell you to ‘just meditate for 10 minutes a day’. We know it’s not that simple.

We want to show you the ropes and help you build your practice from the ground up. All content in this course is through lived experience and is practical and digestible. We promise!

Join our community of like-minded people on a journey for more peace, purpose and perspective. 


Once you purchase the course, you will be added to our private online group where you can begin your 3 month journey with us. You can delay the start date simply by emailing us at

Yes absolutely. Simply email and we can arrange this for you.

This is a self-paced course so you can go at your own speed. We catered this course to busy people so be rest assured that you do not need to be sitting there for hours at a time. In fact, we made our content in short, bite-sized pieces so you have time to integrate each of the learnings.

We recommend that you take the full 3 months as there is no need to rush through the course. Learning meditation skills is not just theory based. It is about practise, integration and application. This naturally takes time. Plus, we are here to support you for the whole 3 months!

Get in touch with us via and our friendly team will be ready to help!

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