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Patience - Gift Pack



We have curated a beautiful gift pack to help you with your Practice of Patience.

In this gift pack, we include Mirosuna’s flagship Patience Roller Essential Oil, a beautiful wild harvested Life of Cha Tea called BALANCE and 2 BREATHE bath bombs by Bask and Nourish.

Learn more about why we chose each product for your Practice of Patience below.

May using these beautiful items, remind you of your Practice of Patience throughout your day. Patience is our conscious effort to accept difficulties and annoyances in life without rushing or getting angry and upset. In each of life’s moments, is purpose and a gifted opportunity for choice and control. Cultivating patience allows us to calmly ride out life’s ups and downs. It is a practice of self-compassion, a way of taking care of ourselves and restoring our emotional balance.
What’s Inside?
We are passionate about wellbeing – for you and the planet we live on. We only choose ethical, artisan and local made products.

  • Mirosuna’s Patience Oil is a citrusy blend with mandarin, lemon and lime to uplift your emotions and calm you down in moments of stress and tension.
  • BALANCE complements our Patience oil as you will get a burst of bright citrus aromas in the green tea.
  • BREATHE bath bombs remind you to take a breath in between all your moments of tension and stress. Use it in your bath and drop into a meditative state as you smell the burst of peppermint and eucalyptus. These bath bombs are perfectly sized at 25 grams each. Use one bath bomb for a foot soak or both bath bombs in a bathtub.
  • Gift Bag – This will be packed beautifully in a box and with a Mirosuna gift bag included.
  • Gift Card – Leave a message for your loved one at the checkout and we will write it on a beautiful soft linen card.


See individual products for their ingredients.


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