The place where busy professionals go to truly recharge

It is our deepest intention to provide you with a safe and non-judgmental space, where you can switch off from the external noise and come home to yourself.  

Before now, mindfulness is probably a word or concept you’ve come across in your personal and professional development.

But our guess is – when it comes to implementing this concept into your every day, it’s not so straightforward. That constant go-go-go (that you do your best to keep up with) makes the likelihood of creating lasting change feel almost impossible.

Because, well…life gets in the way, right?

…You’ve stopped saying ‘it’s a busy week’ because there’s no such thing as a ‘quiet’ one.

….And the days of 5pm marking the end of your workday seem like a distant memory. These days, the lines between your professional life and your home life just aren’t so clear cut.

The demands all add up to leave you feeling stressed out and empty.

This is why prioritising your wellbeing no longer gets to be a ‘luxury’.

Instead, wellbeing is now your key to creating success, vitality and meaning in all areas of your life.

It’s never been more important to not only learn the tools it takes to live a mindful life but to also practise using them to create real, long-lasting change.

The kind of change that you carry with you long hours after leaving a meditation class.

The kind of change that sparks happiness and purpose into your days.

Mirosuna was created for exactly this reason.



To serve our community in helping them transform their everyday experiences into mindful ones. By helping people create space for change in their lives, we can all live with more peace, purpose and perspective - and ultimately as one.

Our Vision

Our Vision

The Mirosuna Way - Helping the world live more consciously everyday.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To deliver mindfulness ‘without the woo’ - accessible, welcoming and in plain speak. We create meaningful experiences so the profound benefits of mindfulness can be attained in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Mirosuna was intentionally created for you.

Mi’: ‘my’
‘Kairos’: ‘the perfect moment’ 
‘Lacuna’: ‘a blank space’

Definition of Mirosuna: Your perfect moment to create space for change

An urban mindfulness and meditation studio
in South Melbourne

Combining the most effective ways to experience deep relaxation, Mirosuna offers sound meditation, mindfulness classes and therapeutic massage to optimise your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel your senses awaken from the thoughtful design of urban retreat, all the way through to our intentionally selected products (including natural, organic, vegan, and environmentally friendly products whenever possible).

Each of our mindfulness classes and therapeutic massage services have been crafted to help you enter a deep, trance-like state of mindfulness. So whether you join a sound meditation, book in for an hour-long stone massage, or combine multiple services, you’ll be sure to leave Mirosuna feeling reconnected and truly recharged.

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