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team off-sites with a mindful twist

a work off-site reimagined

Wellness Sabbaticals by Mirosuna

Our Corporate Wellness Sabbaticals fuse work productivity hours with nourishing wellness experience for your teams wellbeing.

Mirosuna offers unique and fully bespoke Wellness Sabbaticals available in a range of formats. It is for those specifically looking to bring wellness into their next off-site.

If you are planning your next offsite team meeting or work retreat, let us take care of your whole experience from the venue, to nutritious food to the most unique mindfulness experiences tailored to your needs.

Your day plan will include time for your main work tasks coupled with deep dives into nourishing wellness experiences to help you switch off and get the benefits from Sound Meditation, mindful movement and mindfulness teachings.

If you would like to reward your team and do something nourishing for them, simply get in touch, let us know about your event and let us take care of the rest.

Welcome to The Mirosuna Way.


Our Wellness Sabbaticals can last anywhere from 1 day to a week. Their lengths are custom designed to suit the needs of your off-site.


We host your 1 Day Wellness Sabbaticals at Mirosuna or week long ones at a retreat facility with beautiful accommodation. We work with you on what location is best.
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Our Wellness Sabbaticals are all unique and bespoke, custom designed for you. Get in touch with us today to get a quote for your next retreat.

Ideal Group Size

Our experienced are designed to be small and intimate. We love to work with group sizes of approximately to 20 depending on the experience. Having said that, if you have a different group size, please do get in touch and let us know about your event so we can let you know what is possible.

Your host

Sally kellett

Our retreats are led by our Founder Sally Kellett – Professional Meditation Coach, Certified Sound Meditation Practitioner and ex Corporate Escapee.

After experiencing the real, tangible benefits of mindfulness herself without giving up hours of her day to meditate, along with studying mindfulness both in Australia and internationally, Sally now teaches busy professionals how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives so they can feel their best despite leading very busy and full lives.

Mirosuna, meaning ‘the perfect moment to create space for change’, is Sally’s answer to sharing the tools and techniques required for lasting mindfulness without the ‘woo woo’. Combining the most effective ways to experience deep relaxation and access more happiness and meaning in life, Sally has created an urban sanctuary designed to offer the best in wellness retreats, sound baths, meditation sessions and mindfulness classes, all optimising the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of anyone who visits.

Whether it’s a mid-week mindfulness class, her trance-inducing sound meditations, or her travels to learn mindfulness direct from Buddhist nuns themselves, Sally’s work always ties back to helping people create more fulfilment, more meaning and more connection in their lives.


If you are organising a team off-site and want a mindful twist, then we are here to support you and bring your event to life.

We are professionals in the hosting corporate experiences and understand how to tailor the content to your groups needs and meet your workplace’s objectives.

More importantly, our wellness team of practitioners are all corporate escapees and have dedicated our lives to bringing mindful experiences to busy professionals, something we all wish we had more of.

Our Wellness Sabbaticals help you get the best of both worlds – You get work done all while being pampered and supported with nourishing mindful experiences.

Simply let us know about your next off-site and let us take care of the rest.

Your experience CAN include

Sound Meditation

Be lulled into a state of trance by the soothing sounds and vibrations of our Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls helping you effortlessly drift off into deep relaxation.


Level up your meditation skills with hands on training with Sally Kellett where you learn powerful techniques to still your mind and find calm amongst the chaos.


Together we explore what 'Mindfulness' and 'Meditation' really is and how it can change your whole approach to a busy working life in reducing stress, increasing relaxation and time for yourself.


We work with local businesses to design a nice spread for you that fits into the theme and experience of your off-site.


We dedicate specific time in the day for you to attend to your important work matters as much as your wellness as we promote work-life balance. This is The Mirosuna Way.


Experience Mirosuna's signature team building event combining body movement to release built-up tension and tight muscles, all while sipping a glass or two of wine.

Mindful Stretch

We use deep stretch movements to release our mental and emotional tension stored within our body leading to pains and dis-ease. This helps us regain flow in our mind, body and spirit.


We take a moment to pause and reflect on our present life and where we are headed, regaining perspective of what is most important in our lives right now.


We present you with options for your off-site Wellness Sabbaticals that require overnight accommodation. Perfect for up to 1 week long experiences.

let's plan your wellness sabbatical together


Yes absolutely. We will gather your teams dietary requirements at the early stages of planning.

We choose accommodation based on your needs, facilities required, number of attendees and your overall budget. In the planning phase, we will gather these details and propose a list of suitable options for you to choose from.

It is always best to get in touch as soon as you have a date for your off-site so we can reserve the dates in our studio for our 1 day Wellness Sabbaticals. 

If you are after overnight stays that require accommodation, we would need a good 5-12 months ahead of time as Victoria accommodation gets booked out well in advanced. The more lead time we get, the more options we will have.

Of course sometimes we can secure accommodation on shorter notice but it is not guaranteed.

Absolutely. You are welcome to invite your own guest speakers/attendees to your event.

We are a leading provider of unique Wellness Sabbaticals. Our experiences are crafted in-house and we use our own team of wellness practitioners who have all come from a corporate/business background and speak the same language as you.

We understand that working with businesses is very different to private personal groups in that there are sensitivities in a business environment that need to be understood and catered for.

When you work with us, everything is tailored to you. Our experiences are soulful and personal. We deeply care about our clients and cater to their teams need. This is The Mirosuna Way.

Absolutely, this is a wellness sabbatical where you will have blocks of time allocated to doing the things that require your attention. At the same time, we break up your day with wellness activities designed to give you a break and a stretch for your mind and body.

We have power outlets and internet connectivity located throughout the whole studio and any accommodation that we choose.

No problems! Simply email us as hello@mirosuna.com and we can help you with whatever you need!

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