Abalone Shell


Pair our Australian natural Green Lip Abalone Shells with our Palo Santo sticks for the perfect symbiosis to clear, purify and rebalance your body, mind and soul.

Size: 8-10 cm (sizes vary per shell)

From the moment human beings first discovered fire, we have burned herbs, roots, and wood for purification purposes. This process is called smudging. With their pearlescent and almost phosphorescent rainbow glow, indigenous tribes have collected abalone both as a food source and as a precious resource and natural material for centuries.

Abalone shells instill the power of the ocean to enable you to enter your flow-state and tap into your inner tranquility. They symbolise patience, love, compassion, calm and the element of water. When we fuse the practice of smudging with the abalone shell, we combine the elements of fire and water for harmonious balance.


How to use the abalone shell:

  1. Light the smudge stick over the abalone shell, and gently blow to release the healing smoke into the air
  2. Use a feather or the Palo Santo on its own to waft the smoke throughout the room and around yourself
  3. Cleanse every room in your home or space with the smudge stick. Carry the abalone shell with you to catch any ash as you travel through your home
  4. When you’re done, gently extinguish the smudge stick by rubbing it against the abalone shell until the smoke ceases
  5. Be careful to ensure you’ve completely extinguished the embers
  6. Clean your smudge bowl as often as needed and be careful not to crack the delicate shell

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