The Mirosuna Way

Melbourne's Urban Mindfulness & Meditation Studio

The Mirosuna Way

Melbourne's Urban Mindfulness & Meditation Studio

A multi-sensory experience for a more connected you

Step away from the busyness. Slip off your stress. Step into the luxury of time just for you.

Mirosuna is an urban mind park and wellness sanctuary.

A community. A way of living.

Sound Meditation EVENTS

Sound Meditation EVENTS

Weekly events are available.

Our deep meditation and relaxation experience is a gentle, yet powerful, experience with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that heals the body, clears the mind and heightens your meditation practice by helping to rein in your attention to the present.

Mindfulness & Meditation Classes

Daily classes

Your weekly “me time” to unwind, reconnect and harness the power of clarity and focus.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness Programs

Available on your site, in our studio or online.
Elevate your team with our effective and engaging employee wellness programs and sessions.
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Mindfulness Events

Mindfulness Events

Online and in-studio

Tune in to the latest Mirosuna communal events, centred on helping you to live life mindfully.

Complementing your self-care journey, access our hub of online masterclasses and workshops at our Melbourne studio.

Discover what’s on at Mirosuna.

Meditation & Wellness Gifts

Meditation & Wellness Gifts

Enhance your daily practice and nourish your mind with Mirosuna’s purposefully created take-home experiences.

Meditation and wellness gifts including essential oil roll-ons, organic teas, guided meditation tracks and more, to treat yourself or a loved one.

OMMM Meditative Massage

Meditative Massage

Welcome to a whole new way of indulgence. A deep relaxation with our unique in-house style of massage combining touch with meditation, breath, aromatherapy and hot stones.

Wellness Resources

Wellness Tools

Delve deeper with our collection of downloadable mindfulness and meditation resources to support your practice.

"Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already."

Pema Chödrön

Quietly tucked away from the flurry of city life, Mirosuna offers beautifully tranquil mindfulness and meditation classes in South Melbourne. Bathed in stillness with a touch of minimalist luxe, a welcomed escape for busy professionals looking to truly disconnect and soulfully recharge.

Grounded in serenity, this is your space to press pause on the go-go-go and realign with your inner self. Through movement, meditation, sound and breath, embark on an immersive journey that enlightens your mind for peace, purpose and perspective.

Forget your surroundings
and let yourself sink into deep relaxation.


So many of us are stuck on the life trajectory that society tells us is ‘normal’.  

Work hard, very hard. Get a loan, buy the house, look after the needs of everyone around us… 

But this way of living can lead to a sense of emptiness, loneliness, a longing for fulfilment and purpose and an increase in stress, anxiety and depression.  

We can have so much materially, yet still not feel happy or fulfilled.  

So I created something that I wish had existed: an urban sanctuary where we can nurture our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing through the power of touch and meditation. 

Mirosuna isn’t about booking a quick-fix massage when you feel like you need some stress-relief. Mirosuna is a transformative experience. It’s a community of like-minded people on a journey for more: more fulfilment, more meaning and more connection.  

It’s a grounding space for us to nurture our emotional wellbeing and reconnect with who we truly desire to be. It’s the lessons and tools that we take with us when we step out of the doors, that are there to support us until our next Mirosuna experience.  

I invite you to join our community here at Mirosuna, and start living with more peace, perspective and purpose.  

Sally Kellett 
Director of Mirosuna 

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