Step into a world of multisensory relaxation with our massage and treatment services

Welcome to ‘OMM’

Mirosuna’s signature ‘Original Meditative Massage’

Where indulgent relaxation meets emotional healing, our signature OMM treatment is a unique and transformative experience that goes far beyond your typical ‘massage’. 

Combining deep and slow massage strokes with aromatherapy, breathwork, meditation and hot stones, you’ll be gently guided into a trance-like state where you’ll be held, nurtured and cared for.

Using a bespoke and holistically therapeutic approach, feel your tension and pain melt away as you sink into a world of mindful relaxation, calmness and healing.

A beautiful private room with two beds, we welcome you to book a 1:1 OMM therapeutic massage for yourself or a couples massage for you and a loved one.

"The massages are absolutely incredible, going beyond rest. Mirosuna as a space alone is stunning, add in magnificent professionals, amazing services and lovely products and you're on a winner. It's now firmly part of my weekly wellness routine. Do yourself a favour and book here!"


Meditative Relaxation Massage & Treatment Services in South Melbourne

Intentionally curated for your physical, mental and emotional healing

Inspired by ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine traditions, Mirosuna’s OMM massage services are designed to relax your current physical and mental state. No two massage treatments are ever the same – every experience is completely tailored to your individual needs at that moment, on that day.

A multisensory journey combining the nurturing power of touch with warm healing stones, breathwork and meditation, this therapeutic massage helps you deeply relax while revitalising your mental and emotional well-being.

Our massages are made even more luxe as we use 100% natural and organic Camellia oil – an ancient Japanese elixir that boosts your skin’s hydration and softness. Your body will love this bonus luxurious skin treatment.

Uplifting your every day, embrace the Mirosuna lifestyle

Encouraging the slow moments, we offer a Massage Wellness Membership so you can establish a deeper connection with your inner self and stay consistent with your mindfulness practice throughout your wellness journey.

Starting from $330 per month, our OMM Wellness Program combines a monthly massage with classes of your choice. You’ll also receive a wellness gift pack to help you further your mindfulness practice anywhere, anytime.

Cancel at any time with 30 days’ notice. 



A multisensory, therapeutic massage completely customised to your current state of body and mind. Combining touch, meditation, breathwork and hot stones to revitalise your entire being while treating your skin to an indulgent hydration boost with our premium organic skin elixirs.
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Using our signature OMM techniques, your practitioner will intuitively create a full body massage experience to pamper your body and soothe your mind.
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A deeply relaxing treatment combining touch and facial stones, this face massage promotes lymphatic drainage and collagen production for a beautiful, natural glow.
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A gentle and nurturing pregnancy massage for expecting mothers in their second trimester (13 weeks) and onwards, this therapeutic session will be tailored to you and your bub’s needs.
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Relax and reconnect in a beautiful, intimate setting with our tailored couples massage package. This experience is also perfect for friends and family!
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Treat your body and mind to monthly massages and wellness classes, intentionally designed to help you further your mindfulness practice. Choose from 90-minute or 120-minute massage sessions, combined with your choice of 4 or 8 wellness classes.
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Meeting you wherever you are on your journey

Beginning with a complimentary wellness consult, your practitioner will explore where the physical, emotional and mental tension is stemming from to create a multisensory massage experience that’s tailored to you.

Whether you want us to focus on your full body, head, face or feet, your professionally trained massage therapist will tailor just the right amount of pressure, using long, deep and slow strokes. 

Choose from our menu of in-house blended, all-natural and organic aromatherapy oil blends for a revitalising, multisensory experience.


  • Total relaxation and decompression
  • Experience a trance like state of being
  • Long-lasting stress relief
  • Improved lymph and blood circulation
  • Increased energy levels and vitality
  • Experiencing a sense of health and wellbeing
  • Deep skin treatment with our use of natural and organic Camellia Oil


If you are a lover of our monthly massages + classes and want to make it part of your practice, this OMM program gives you great discounts across these services and more. Enjoy a premium monthly wellness gift to support your practice along with free access to our regular Masterclasses, community events and exclusive access to our VIP only events.

* Our subscriptions are paid monthly and one month in advanced.
* If you decide this membership is not right for you, you may cancel at any time with 30 days notice in writing to hello@mirosuna.com.

OMM pricing

OMM Full Body, Face and Pregnancy Massage

1.5 hr | $195
2 hrs | $235

Twin/Couple Massage

1.5 hr | $390
2 hrs | $470

Add On’s

Organic Hair & Scalp Treatment oil | $15

Face Vitamin Exfoliation | $15

To book a couples massage, please email hello@mirosuna.com with your time preferences.

how to book


The Mirosuna app displays availability for individual massages only. Feel free to email hello@mirosuna.com if your preferred time is not listed.



Please email hello@mirosuna.com with your preferred dates so we can revert back to you with availability. 



While other massage treatments tend to focus on relieving physical tension, our OMM experiences combine touch with meditation and breathwork for a holistic healing and multisensory experience. Each massage session is intentionally created to meet you where you’re at – in that exact moment, on that day. 

Focused on your emotional and mental wellbeing, not just physical, we’re here to create space for you to disconnect from your daily stressors.

So you can easily and quickly ease into a calm, meditative state, please arrive 5-10 minutes before your massage treatment – leave plenty of time for street parking!

Please wear loose clothing and minimal make-up (if possible) to enhance your comfort and relaxation throughout the session.

As part of the complimentary wellness consultation prior to your massage treatment, your practitioner will introduce you to our menu of in-house blended, all-natural and organic aromatherapy oils.

You can explore some of our available options here

Yes, we offer 90-minute and 120-minute couples massages. You can also come with your friend or a loved one!

Our beautiful private room only has two massage beds designed to accommodate no more than two people at a time. 

To book your couples massage, please email hello@mirosuna.com. We highly recommend that you book your couples’ massage in advance as these popular spots get booked out early.

You can purchase an e-gift voucher, with an amount of your choice, for any of Mirosuna’s mindfulness and meditation experiences here.

Health fund rebates are available on a case-by-case basis. For more information,  give us a call on 0492 926 385.

Our massage, mindfulness and meditation studio is located at 18A Ross Street in South Melbourne.