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Pregnancy Friendly Studio 

At Mirosuna, we believe you deserve that time and so make sure to provide a pregnancy friendly environment. We prioritise and ensure that you can experience a safe and controlled, calm and comfort whist taking part our classes and massages.

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Breathwork, while ancient, is a term that first originated in the 1970’s and refers to the practice of consciously directing the breath. There has been a huge rise of interest in Breathwork over the last few years, at least in the western wellness world.

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3 Ways to Fall Asleep

You are laying in bed at 2 am, eyes wide awake. Here are 3 things that you can do to help you fall asleep and get a good night of rest. Remember practice, practice, practice!

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Meditation, Meet Technology

The words meditation and technology don’t usually mix. But with the ever-changing digital landscape, here is a meditation gadget to help you improve your meditation practice. Meet Muse.

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Mindfulness for new Mamas

Patricia shares her top 5 tips on how to use mindfulness to rise above all the challenges of being a new mama and why self-care is more important than ever as a mother.

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How to Find Your Passion

Are you on the hunt for your passion and that one big thing in your life? These insights will help you on your path to self discovery and help you on your journey.

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How to overcome Mummy Guilt

Mummy guilt is so prevalent in the modern mum. But Bel Vaughanson is going to teach us how to unsubscribe to it! Learn 5 mindful ways that you can start living by today.

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Art Therapy for Mindfulness

Art Therapy is a great way for you to connect with yourself and discover an inner sense of calm. Learn how it can identify and release any emotions and blockages that you may have.

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8 Benefits of Yin Yoga

If you are seriously stressed and have want a new way to relax, here are 8 benefits and reasons for why you should try Yin Yoga to reconnect you with your inner calm.

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