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The Benefits of Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is the use of sound as a tool to cultivate and support deep relaxation. Learn how it can help you switch off your mind and reconnect with inner peace and calm.

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Meditation, Meet Technology

The words meditation and technology don’t usually mix. But with the ever-changing digital landscape, here is a meditation gadget to help you improve your meditation practice. Meet Muse.

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Mindfulness for New Mamas

Patricia shares her top 5 tips on how to use mindfulness to rise above all the challenges of being a new mama and why self-care is more important than ever as a mother.

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What are Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls?

We all use bowls in our kitchen but what are these Alchemy singing bowls you say? What are their profound effects on us, mentally and physically?

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6 Ways to Improve your Sleep Quality

Here are 6 ways to create the best conditions in your life to get a really good quality of sleep. Remember, sleep is vital to your health and is a non-negotiable in life!

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Creating the ideal work-life balance with Yin & Yang

To live a harmonised life, we need a balance of yin and yang energy. It helps us relax and let go, reduce our anger and frustration. It helps us live in a state of flow. But how you ask?

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5 Ways to be More Mindful and Happy

Did you know that our brains are genetically hardwired to be more sensitive towards negative experiences. It’s called “negativity bias” and here’s how to beat it!

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Staying at Truc Lam Monastery – My Pilgrimage

What it’s like to live like a Zen Buddhist Nun and why this was one of the most life enriching experiences of all time. Follow me on my journey.

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3 Ways to Fall Asleep

You are laying in bed at 2 am, eyes wide awake. Here are 3 things that you can do to help you fall asleep and get a good night of rest. Remember practice, practice, practice!

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How to Find Your Passion

Are you on the hunt for your passion and that one big thing in your life? These insights will help you on your path to self discovery and help you on your journey.

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How to overcome Mummy Guilt

Mummy guilt is so prevalent in the modern mum. But Bel Vaughanson is going to teach us how to unsubscribe to it! Learn 5 mindful ways that you can start living by today.

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Mindfulness Tips for Busy Parents

Mindfulness is for everyone. BUT there is one group of people that definitely could derive huge benefits from practising it – BUSY PARENTS. Here are 8 tips for you!

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Why Traditional EAP’s Are Not Enough – A New Approach to Employee Wellness

We love that organisations have Employee Assistance Programs (EAP’s) but here are ideas on how to supercharge them as they are not always effective alone.

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Art Therapy for Mindfulness

Art Therapy is a great way for you to connect with yourself and discover an inner sense of calm. Learn how it can identify and release any emotions and blockages that you may have.

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10 Great Ideas for an Employee Wellness Program

“How can I boost employee wellness and engagement” you ask. We’ve all heard of employee wellness and understand the importance of maintaining employee health, both …

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8 Benefits of Yin Yoga

If you are seriously stressed and have want a new way to relax, here are 8 benefits and reasons for why you should try Yin Yoga to reconnect you with your inner calm.

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7 Considerations When Implementing Corporate Wellness Programs

Here are some key considerations to make when thinking about implementing a good Corporate Wellness Program into your workplace.

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How to Choose the Right Yoga and Meditation Bolster for You

Choosing the right bolster can be confusing. What are the differences? What are they best used for? Which one is best for you? Read on so you can find the perfect bolster.

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