Essential Oil Roller Oils

Essential oil blends to invite more peace, perspective and purpose into your day-to-day

Because your mindfulness practice gets to be a luxurious experience beyond the walls of the Mirosuna studio too.

Our essential oil blends are designed for you to continue your daily mindfulness practice between each visit to the Mirosuna wellbeing hub. Our five powerful blends have been intentionally curated by founder, Sally Kellett, and hand-crafted locally by professional chemists right here in Melbourne.

These premium blends are all-natural, free of nasties and promote mental wellness through their focus on specific mindfulness practices. Along with their unique essential oil combinations, each blend is weaved into a camellia oil base – an ancient, virtually skincare elixir that’s been used in Japan for centuries.

Select the blend that represents your current focus and use it in your daily mindfulness practice. Simply roll onto your wrists, temples and body as a tool to evoke the emotional benefits you’re seeking to cultivate.

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