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Discover our thoughtfully curated range of programs to help you transform your life in big, beautiful ways.

Life can get busy, we totally get this. Our short courses are here to make life more stress-free – digitally delivered so you can bring wellness practices into your home, no matter where you are.

Our curriculum packs a punch and will empower you to further your quest for more peace, purpose and perspective with a community of like-minded people.

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Meditation Fundamentals Course

Join our 3-month Meditation Fundamentals course and learn the fundamentals of meditation to start your own practice with confidence and clarity.

Let our team support you along the way!
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30 Days of Mindful Journaling

Discover your dreams and find out what’s holding you back. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a writer or you haven’t picked up a pen in a while, our easy-to-follow program allows you move at your own pace.

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7 Days of Meditation with Oils

Join our Founder, Sally Kellett, for 7 days of meditation and mindfulness incorporating the healing power of essential oils. Each day Sally will guide you through a unique Mirosuna meditation using acupressure, breathwork and mindfulness techniques.

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Sound Meditation

Bring a truly unique event to your workplace and reward your team to a deep relaxation experience.

Wine & Wind down

A private team experience for some serious relaxation and body movement…with a glass of wine or two! Hello Wine & Wind Down.

Guest Speaking

Inspiring busy professionals to function at the top of their game through The Mirosuna Way of living.


As a leader that understands the importance of strong company culture, you’re aware that business success rests on your teams’ ability to focus, manage stress, and remain highly productive.

This means that taking care of them really results in taking care of the bottom line and more.

But you also know that despite all the assistance programs out there, stress is only on the rise.

Our employee wellness programs are different. Rooted in science and eastern philosophy, we teach your employees tools and techniques and provide them with the ideal environment to regularly nurture their wellbeing, resilience and mental health.

We do this through effective mindfulness teachings, movement, breathwork and meditation. Our curriculum is thoughtfully curated in-house by our team of practitioners who have had strong roots in the business world.

Therefore, we speak the same language as you and your team – making our programs welcoming and highly adopted in your workplace.

We welcome you to connect with us to see how we can both make a tangible difference in your workplace.


With most Employee Assistance Programs, they tend to be aimed towards those who are experiencing severe levels of stress or anxiety already. By this point, the problems are deeply rooted and the employee has no way to manage their stress without the assistance of professional help. This can be demoralising and hard to manage, and the majority of employees who are suffering tend not to use programs at this point as they can feel that attending an EAP may negatively affect their career if it goes on their record / employee file, especially if they are in positions of seniority or have high levels of responsibility to others.

In the 2019 StressPulse survey, they found that 61% of all employees are suffering from high levels of stress causing them fatigue / control issues, whilst 34% of employees have constant but manageable stress. This data shows that with EAPs already in place, the majority of employees are still suffering from high stress levels, even to the point that their stress is causing work performance and efficacy issues.

At Mirosuna, we promote preventative wellness through our mindfulness programs and classes. This means teaching the fundamentals of mindfulness and meditation to work out the causes of any stressors and how we can prevent them from occurring, and mitigating the stress along the way through proven techniques and practices. The classes are for everyone, and are designed to encourage a daily mindful practice not just at the workplace, but at home too, so that they can always have the tools to be mentally and physically optimal when they come into work.

Having an EAP in place is still vital for those who need them, and can be highly effective if an employee is suffering from substance abuse, gambling, other addictions, financial problems and legal issues. Most EAP’s however focus on counselling, rather than pre-emptive or active methods to help manage stress and anxiety in the workplace.

What Mirosuna can offer alongside an EAP is the knowledge that your employees will be equipped with an understanding, as well as practical methods, on how to look after their own mental health and wellbeing. This can come from a mixture of our mindfulness short courses with our meditation and movement/stretching classes. Combined, these types of activities and courses have been proven to help reduce stress in the workplace, enhance employee cohesion and promote higher levels of overall happiness to everyone that takes part, something that an EAP usually doesn’t cover.

Our online programs can be tailored to your employee requirements and are delivered online via video conference.

They can be scheduled and organised easily by talking to one of our practitioners, and we can find a time that works best to fit your employee’s schedules.

With the flexibility of the program to be fully online, you can effectively scale this program to all of your staff regardless of their geographic locations, making it extremely accessible for everyone.

We understand that physical mobility and living in a pain-free body is important, but we also believe that optimal mental health is paramount for an individual’s overall wellbeing. We take our students on a journey to help deepen, explore and develop their practice over time. We help our customers tailor and manage their programs to suit their needs. Our classes combine some of the most beneficial elements from yoga, meditation and gymnastics, all without the ‘woo’, to enable you to strengthen and develop your mind-body connection in a understandable and demonstrable way.

We are invested in your teams journey over time and not just for the time that we are together. This lasting bond helps us develop an optimal and beneficial strategy to achieve manageable results for your employees. Everyone is different, and every business is different, and our professionals can give you advice and recommendations on how we can achieve the best wellbeing results for you and your team.

Firstly, it’s amazing that you already have a wellness program that is in place for your employees! It’s wonderful to hear that you have taken steps to ensure wellbeing in the workplace. We LOVE that YOU CARE! Our main priority is to help you develop a wellness program that is holistic and looks at optimising your employees physical, emotional and mental health in the workplace.

Most wellness programs include either a single meditation or yoga session per week, or every three months a practitioner may come into the office to do a refresher course on breathing and meditation. Whilst this is amazing, the frequency isn’t always ideal or fully beneficial to employees and they often forget the important stress reducing techniques or stretches/exercises that can help them after a long in the office. These programs usually only touch the surface for most employees overall wellbeing too, acting more as a band-aid rather than a long term solution to actively reduce their mental and physical stress.

At Mirosuna, we tailor our wellbeing programs for every client, ensuring that each employee on the program can attend a mindfulness short course, as well giving them the option for meditation and movement/stretching classes. Our educational approach allows your employees to not only understand what mindfulness is and its importance, but how they can implement mindfulness into their own their own life as a daily philosophy, and regularly put it into practice. Once your employees truly connect with their mind and body in this way, they are better able to pre-empt stressful situations with workload or colleagues not only helping themselves, but everyone else around them.

Mirosuna is not a Yoga studio as we do not offer traditional Yoga classes as our main offering. Our prime focus is on high-quality relaxation and stress relief by blending mindfulness, movement, meditation and stretching, but without the ‘woo’. We do however host Yin Yoga classes, as we believe that the guided internal mediation combined with the deep stretching elements are exactly what is needed to alleviate the mental and physical stresses of daily life (especially from working in an office!).

Our language is simple and clear, all classes are available for beginners at all times and they are designed to allow the student to explore their own body and mind, with encouragement to find their own flow in class.

Our studio also offers regular group sound healing sessions, guided meditations, massage therapy and mindfulness short-courses, all provided by our in-house trained professionals. Our practitioners are well-versed in multiple modalities, allowing all classes/sessions to offer the insight and wisdom that is learned from others at the same time.

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