Join our private community where we practice and share stories for our 30 Days of Mindful Journaling together.

Self-reflection is a necessary part of our health and wellbeing (now more than ever) and we’ve designed this program for you to (re)discover your dreams and find out what’s holding you back. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a writer or you haven’t picked up a pen in a while, our easy-to-follow program allows you move at your own pace.

Each day you’ll dive into a different topic which you can journal about and the share your experiences with the group. We listen and support each other with kindness and non-judgement.

This program is complimentary for all those who purchase a Mirosuna Journal.

Begin your 30 day journey with our Founder Sally Kellett toward a new way of living!


Over our 30 days together, we deep dive into meaningful reflection to strengthen your connection to yourself and the world around you.

Together we explore:



“I’ve realised, for me, happiness is about being able to help others on their journey, as I continue on mine.”

Sally Kellett is a professional meditation teacher, certified sound meditation practitioner and founder of Mirosuna – a wellbeing hub and mindfulness studio created for busy professionals to truly recharge.

After experiencing the real, tangible benefits of mindfulness herself without giving up hours of her day to meditate, along with studying mindfulness both in Australia and internationally, Sally now teaches others how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives so they see the benefits long after they finish their meditation class.

Mirosuna, meaning ‘the perfect moment to create space for change’, is Sally’s answer to sharing the tools and techniques required for lasting mindfulness without the ‘woo woo’. Combining the most effective ways to experience deep relaxation and access more happiness and meaning in life, Sally has created an urban sanctuary designed to offer the best in sound baths, meditation sessions and mindfulness classes, all optimising the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of anyone who visits.

Whether it’s a mid-week mindfulness class, her trance-inducing sound meditations, or her travels to learn mindfulness direct from Buddhist nuns themselves, Sally’s work always ties back to helping people create more fulfillment, more meaning and more connection in their lives.


Yes you can. Simply purchase the journal for them and let them know of our 30 Day Mindful Journaling Program. You can simply direct them to this website page and click the join program button. They will be asked for the email and/or name that the journal was brought under so just give them your contact details for that.

We won’t tell your loved one about our complimentary Mindful Journaling program as we don’t want to ruin your surprise. You can purchase the journal online for them and let them know of the program once they have received it.

Yes absolutely! This is a self-paced program so you can start it whenever you like. This is the same if you buy it for a friend, they can request to join the program whenever they like as well.

Reach out to us via hello@mirosuna.com and we will be happy to assist you with anything you need!