Wellness and Reflection Journal – Vegan and Refillable


We created this journal for you to write down your reflections and beautiful discoveries that you have along the way on your mindful journey through life.

Our journals come in a gold or brown emboss and remind you to ‘Create Space for Change’ in your life for more peace, purpose and perspective.

May our journals serve as a beautiful reminder for your daily practice.

How to Incorporate Journaling into your Mindfulness Practice

There are many ways you can incorporate journaling into your every day life. Here are a few examples that you may wish to try:

  • Journaling after every meditation or mindfulness class, what you learnt about yourself, your discoveries and any shifts and changes
  • List 10 things a day that you are grateful for
  • Set your intention for the day as you wake up
  • Writing down your dreams when you wake up


We created these journals to support you with your practice. They are thoughtfully designed in-house and are:

  • Vegan leather
  • Include 3 internal notebooks (30 pages each) with 2 lined and 1 unlined for you to freely express your thoughts and creativity
  • Refillable and earth friendly to minimise wastage. Don’t throw out your journal when the notebooks are full, simply remove and replace them with our refillable notebooks to continue your journey



Designed in Melbourne, made in China



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