Singing Bowl Training

Level 1: Singing Bowl Practitioner Training

The Mirosuna Way

Level 1: Singing Bowl Practitioner Training

Are you captivated and curious about the profound effects of Singing bowls and Sound Healing and want to bring them into your practice?

Mirosuna’s Level 1: Singing Bowl Practitioner Training is a 4 hour training workshop for wellness practitioners to harness the powerful sounds and vibrations of the 3 key types of singing bowls: Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls, Crystal Singing bowls and Tibetan Singing bowls.

This training is good for wellness practitioners, yoga teachers, meditation practitioners, death doulas or simply anyone who is seeking a way to incorporate these healing instruments into your professional and personal practice.


You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of this training.

Upcoming Training Date: September 10th 2023, 12:30-4:30 pm


UPCOMING TRAINING DATE September 10th 2023



Highly Educational Content

We thoughtfully designed our curriculum to deliver teachings that work. Theory is important, but nothing is more valuable than hands-on practical training in which we are highly focused on.

Community is everything

Mirosuna is about bringing people together. You meeting other practitioners and sharing your craft with the world, supporting each other and seeing each other as peers not competition.

Creating Great Practitioners

Mirosuna is focused on creating competent, authentic and highly-skilled practitioners. Our courses deliver high quality content and genuine teachings that help you find your point of difference and be the best practitioner you can be.


Are you a wellness practitioner who would like to add Sound Healing into your modality? This course is designed for your to get important foundational knowledge to begin your Sound Practitioner journey. Our Founder and Diploma Certified Sound Meditation Practitioner Sally Kellett, introduces you to one of the most healing modalities of meditation so you can work with your clients on a much deeper level through sound and vibration.


Very limited spots available

UPCOMING TRAINING DATE September 10th 2023


Your Coach

Sally Kellett is a professional Meditation Teacher, Diploma Certified Sound Meditation Practitioner, and the Founder of Mirosuna. Her spiritual work started at 15 years old and she continued on to study mindfulness and meditation both in Australia and internationally, and now teaches others how to bring meditation and mindfulness into their own lives. 

She has a particular passion, and connection with Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls and believes they are extremely powerful sacred tools that guide someone deep into and through their healing journey. Once a practitioner learns how to derive the healing benefits from these sacred instruments, the healing potential is infinite.




We know starting is always the hardest part. There is so much information everywhere yet people tell you to ‘just meditate for 10 minutes a day’. We know it’s not that simple.

We want to show you the ropes and help you build your practice from the ground up. All content in this course is through lived experience and is practical and digestible. We promise!

Join our community of like-minded people on a journey for more peace, purpose and perspective.


There are 10 or less people per group as the training is highly focused on the individuals so we ensure everyone gets lots of attention.

The training is held in-person at Mirosuna in our studio at 18A Ross St, South Melbourne.

No prior experience or musical background is needed to join this training.

For those who have singing bowls, you can bring them to the training. If you don’t have any, it doesn’t matter as you will be training on Mirosuna’s singing bowls.

Sally Kellett is our Singing Bowl Consultant and can help create a set of singing bowls bespoke to your needs. Simple get in touch via hello@mirosuna.com

Get in touch with us via hello@mirosuna.com and our friendly team will be ready to help!