Premium Chinese Red Dates


A healthy daily snack to be a part of your daily mindfulness

Other common names: Jujube fruit, Hong Zao,

The red date is a prized herb and has been cultivated in China for over 4000 years. It is no doubt a stable in the Asian pantry.

Used in daily cooking, postpartum recovery, TCM therapy, and as gifts to friends and family as a symbol of wealth, prosperity and fertility. This natural sweetener is soft and chewy and may need some self-control to prevent from overeating!

These can be easily added to soups and teas or consumed on its own. Enjoy this healthy and delicious daily snack.

Weight: 250 grams

How to Incorporate into your Mindfulness Practice

Mindfully eat the recommended intake of 3 red dates a day without distraction. Observing the spongey and beautiful textures along with the sweet aroma and taste. With every red date, set the intention of letting this superfood nurture your mind, body and spirit.
Traditional Chinese Medicine functions

This superfood is low in calories and contains high nutritional value due to the presence of large amount of macro and micro nutrients, especially in vitamin C, antioxidant activity to prevent premature ageing, anticancer effects, anti-diabetic activity and flavonoids.*

  • Strengthens Qi vital energy within the body
  • Boosts spleen and stomach function
  • Nourishes and builds blood; promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Calms the Shen – your spirit, mind and heart


How to use

  • Enjoy as is as a sweet snack to satisfy your sweet tooth. Consume in moderate; on average 3 per day
  • Enjoy as a tea. Slice up red dates and add boiling water. Add goji berries for a sweet herbal infusion
  • Add to your soups, stews, porridge or congee for enhanced nutrition and a mild sweet flavour. For maximum nutritional extraction, cook for at least 45 mins
  • Please be aware with each bite, there is a pip in the middle


Storage Instructions

Once opened, please store herbs in an airtight container, in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

The red dates are packed in a biodegradable plant-based cellophane. The reason why we chose NatureFlex over plastic. NatureFlex uses cellulose, which is one of the world’s most naturally abundant organic materials.

This means that you can easily home compost these bags and they will break down naturally over a very short time.

*Source: Rashwan, A. K., Karim, N., Shishir, M. R. I., Bao, T., Lu, Y., & Chen, W. (2020). Jujube fruit: A potential nutritious fruit for the development of functional food products. Journal of Functional Foods, 75, 104205.

Our Premium Chinese Red Dates are a product of China.

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