Mirosuna River Meditation


A 40 minute soothing meditation, intentionally designed to guide you through a powerful visualisation for deep relaxation and insight.

On a journey through this river naturescape, feel your thoughts melt away as you are lulled into deep relaxation whilst learning mental techniques to process your thoughts and busy mind.

This meditation is coupled by a very powerful and special soundscape by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. One that dissolves your analytical thinking process while opening your mind to dreaming, hypnotic states and subconscious exploration.

This is suitable for you if you:

  • are looking to find ways to slow down the busy thoughts in your mind
  • have troubles relaxing
  • struggle to switch off and go to sleep
  • are wanting time out to reconnect, relax and find peace within yourself


Important Instructions

  • It is very important to use headphones for the audio to remain balanced, ensuring you a better experience
  • Just simply find a space, where you can be alone to experience this meditation
  • Use this meditation as often as you need


Terms & conditions:

  • This recording is for personal use only and so please do not share it.
  • You cannot sell, stream or distribute our meditation tracks.
  • As this is a downloadable product, the sale is final. It is not possible for a refund or exchange once you have downloaded the file.

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