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Premium Palo Santo



Palo Santo is a sacred wood to work with and is strictly regulated. Mirosuna promotes the respectful use of this Holy Wood and ensures that you are using only premium grade thick Palo Santo that is harvested ethically and sustainably.

This Palo Santo is gathered from naturally fallen trees that have been lying peacefully on the rainforest floor for 4-10 years.

You will also notice the more pleasant aroma from our Palo Santo due to its premium quality

Our Palo Santo sticks come in bundles of 3. They are premium thick Palo Santo sticks and have a beautiful grounding aroma to them.
Our Palo Santo incense comes in bundles of 5. You do not have to burn the stick all at once. You can smudge them out and relight for your next practice.



Discovered by Spanish Monks in the South American rainforest, they named the tree Palo Santo which translates to Holy Wood or the Wood of the Saints. Traditionally this earthy wood was used by shamans, healers and elders for healing purposes. It was believed the tree’s unique healing properties could only be accessed if the tree was allowed to live a full life and given a respectful death therefore it was tradition to only use the wood that had naturally fallen and dried from the palo trees.

Our Palo Santo is gathered from naturally fallen trees that have been lying peacefully on the rainforest floor for 4-10 years, backed by a restoration project to preserve the palo tree population.


What Palo Santo is used for

Palo Santo is known for its powerful ability to cleanse, heal and attract high vibrations, dispelling the negative and low vibrations.

As the smoke enters your energy field, it purifies your energy and attracts higher vibrations into your life. At Mirosuna, we use the scent and smoke to ignite your sense and anchor you into the present moment with your meditation.


Palo Santo for Meditation

Burn this wood to help you increase your ability to concentrate and to enhance your deep meditation experience. Let it remove any surrounding negative energy so you can tap into your inner stillness and have a safe journey.


Scent Profile

Palo Santo is an aromatic wood that is part of the citrus family. It smells incredibly woody with beautiful sweet notes of pine, lemon and mint.



Product of Peru. Ethically sourced with love.

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