Mirosuna Sound Meditation

How Mindfulness Leads To Happiness

Whilst different things make different people happy, ‘happiness’ is a state that all human beings desire to achieve. In psychology, happiness is made up of three components: pleasure, meaning and engagement. Psychologists have created a scientific term for happiness called “subjective-well being (SWB)” based on these three aspects. SWB is defined as “a person’s cognitive and …

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Melbourne Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Friendly Studio

At Mirosuna, we believe you deserve that time and so make sure to provide a pregnancy friendly environment. We prioritise and ensure that you can experience a safe and controlled, calm and comfort whist taking part our classes and massages.

Mirosuna Breathwork Class


Breathwork, while ancient, is a term that first originated in the 1970’s and refers to the practice of consciously directing the breath. There has been a huge rise of interest in Breathwork over …

Meditation, Meet Technology

The words meditation and technology don’t usually mix. But with the ever-changing digital landscape, here is a meditation gadget to help you improve your meditation practice. Meet Muse.

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