5 Ways to be More Mindful and Happy

Sally Kellett Mirosuna

How can being more mindful change your happiness? Did you know that our brains are genetically hardwired to be more sensitive towards negative experiences than positive ones? It’s called “negativity bias” and it basically means that anything unpleasant will have a far greater impact on you and how you feel. This is where mindfulness comes […]


Why is mindfulness such a core practice to ones happiness? In fact, mindfulness is something that can be done by everyone and anyone. Here’s how.

Pregnancy Friendly Studio 

At Mirosuna, we believe you deserve that time and so make sure to provide a pregnancy friendly environment. We prioritise and ensure that you can experience a safe and controlled, calm and comfort whist taking part our classes and massages.

Top 5 Massage Styles for Relaxation

In this blog, we break down the top 5 styles of massage that can be used for relaxation, as well as their additional positive physical benefits.


Breathwork, while ancient, is a term that first originated in the 1970’s and refers to the practice of consciously directing the breath. There has been a huge rise of interest in Breathwork over …

6 Ways to Bring More Wellness in your Business

With flexible working arrangements becoming more prevalent in more workplaces, how can you find new and exciting ways to implement and/or spruce up your Corporate Wellness Program to keep people motivated and connected?

3 Ways to Fall Asleep

Mirosuna’s Sound Meditation hosted at Pure Wellness For those nights when you lay there, eyes wide open and cannot fall asleep because your mind is running wild. I’ve got you! Sleeping requires you to also consider how well you have prepped yourself during the day to fall asleep at night. If you want to learn […]

The Benefits of Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is the use of sound as a tool to cultivate and support deep relaxation. Learn how it can help you switch off your mind and reconnect with inner peace and calm.